How To Select Your Hot Water Cylinder From NZ Providers

How To Select Your Hot Water Cylinder From NZ Providers

Homeowners who are considering a purchase of a hot water cylinder from NZ providerscan rest assured they are sourcing a product from a reliable outlet.

This region across the Trans-Tasman is home to brands who offer systems that are installed and maintained to last and provide long-term benefits for the user over multiple decades.

The truth lies in the figures that emanate from studies carried out in this industry.

Tankless water heaters are said to run for almost twice the lifespan of tank-based heaters (two decades over one), whilst water heating constitutes one quarter of a household’s entire energy consumption.

This is a department that is too important to ignore for homeowners, illustrating that a well-resourced brand can alleviate many of the issues that you face within a standard household budget.

In order to gauge the relevancy of a particular hot water product from a New Zealand brand, you must run an internal diagnostic of your own property.

Every facet from every faucet must be brought into the equation because in order to achieve complete efficiency and bang for buck, you must apply your knowledge of the environment to an item that can meet those demands.

Here we will run through selection criteria which will allow you to settle on a New Zealand provider.

Number of Residents

The first point of order when examining a hot water cylinder from NZ providers is to outline how many residents are living on the premises. There are conditions and guidelines that are offered to place you on the path to the right product.

The general consensus from industry experts details that a 180 litre system is ideal for 1-2 individuals, a 250 litre model for 2-4 people or a 300 litre item for 3-5 and beyond. This is simply a starting point for further analysis.
Timing and Volume of Showers

The second facet that must be looked into when scouring the market for a hot water cylinder from NZ providers is the volume of the showers and the timing of them. If simultaneous showers are running during the early morning dash to work or in the evening, then a larger model should be utilised. The average citizen will utilise 50 litres of hot water per day, but this can be viewed in context if the time periods are in isolation.

Size of Showerheads

A hot water cylinder from NZ providers will be maximised for value if you can speak to a professional from the perspective of the showerhead size. Even in scenarios where you are running a bath or a spa, the smaller 9L models to the larger 25L showerheads will require their own unique energy source derived from the cylinder.

Dishwashers, Washing Machines and Additional Outlets

The remainder of the house has to be taken into account when looking at a hot water cylinder from NZ providers. From washing machines to dishwashers and other outlets that require a flow of hot water, there must be an understanding of the size, scope and volume of these faucets. The more points of access, the stronger the reliance on an unvented cylinder model that provides a pressurised flow.


Thankfully society has come a long way and evolved from an age where households had to rely on water-back models, relying on a tank that connected back through a pipe. Sourcing a hot water cylinder from NZ providers opens up a plethora of opportunities for the consumer because these systems are of the highest 21st Century quality and peered reviewed within the industry.

To ensure that you are maximising your value with an investment of this scale, it is important to follow through on this criteria by carrying through an analysis of your household’s requirements. Once you arrive to a provider equipped with this knowledge, you can make educated judgments without the need to guess or speculate based purely on price.